Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the involvement of Leonardo DiCaprio in this film?

A: A new cut of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson and Appian Way Productions, was exclusively released on Netflix on September 15, 2015.


Q: What is different about the Netflix release?

The exclusive Netflix release is a new cut of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret that has been updated with new facts and information.


Q: Why isn’t the film free on Youtube?

A: Our goal with this film is to have the largest positive impact on the world as possible. In order to do that we sincerely believe the film needs to be seen as a legitimate documentary, and in our consumerist, capitalist society, people devalue things they get for free. It is extremely important for our goals that the film be taken seriously by the movers and shakers of the world, and we need to present it in as traditional a manner as possible, which means theater screenings and DVDs…to begin with.

Additionally, making Cowspiracy took a great deal of time and money (we were the sole financial backers for Cowspiracy and our production team was incredibly small, meaning we worked 10 to 15 hour days for over a year to make this film) and in order for us to make more films like it (as we plan to), we need to have the funds to do so. The money we make from screenings, DVDs, merchandise and donations goes into the non-profit Animals United Movement and is put toward promotion for the film and the making of our next documentaries.

If you care about the message we’re trying to spread, please support us by organizing your own screening (see below) and by buying DVDs to give your family, friends, library, church, etc.


Q: How can I see this film?

A: Cowspiracy is available on Netflix in all territories, in theaters in the US via, through digital downloads via VHX and out on DVD. If you live in the US and there isn’t a screening happening in your area, you can organize one completely for free through If you live outside the US you can still organize a screening through our website here, though we do not have a free of charge option for community or international screenings at this point. 


Q: Where can I get a DVD/digital download of Cowspiracy?

A: The DVDs are available here and the digital downloads are available here.


Q: Is Cowspiracy available outside the US?

A: Yes, Cowspiracy is available on Netflix in all territories! The DVDs and digital downloads are available worldwide, and we do ship the DVDs internationally. The DVDs have subtitles available in over 15 languages, as well as English Closed Captioning. You can also purchase a license for one-time international or community screenings though our website here


Q: Where can I find the references for the facts you use in the film? 

A: We have a reference page for the facts referred to in the film here.


Q: What languages are subtitles available in?

A: Subtitle languages on the DVDs: English, English Closed Captioning, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and Estonian.

For the digital downloads we have: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovak, and Estonian.

Coming soon, for the digital downloads: Czech, Turkish, and Hebrew.

If you would like to contribute a subtitle translation in another language, please message us via the website contact form.


Q: What format is the DVD/digital download in? Can I play the DVD outside the US?

A: The DVDs are NTSC, and region free. (They should play in all modern DVD players/computers). The digital downloads can be downloaded in a variety of resolutions as an mp4 file.


Q: I already have a copy of the film and I would like to use it for a screening. Do I need anything else?

A: DVDs/digital download copies of the film are only licensed for home viewing, and for any public screenings of the film we do require a license. The Licenses are for single screenings, and fees vary by size of audience, and in some cases by type of event. You can now purchase a license directly from our website here.


Q: Is the film appropriate for children? 

A: The film is largely informational, but there is some graphic content that, though brief, would not be appropriate for young children or the very sensitive. 


Q: How can I help promote Cowspiracy and its message?

A: There are a lot of ways to do this!

  • You can organize or help promote a local screening for your community via (see and for more details).
  • Share the clips and images from our website, Facebook and Twitter about the film on social media.
  • Adopt and promote a sustainable plant-based vegan lifestyle.
  • Buy and share DVDs with your friends and community available here.
  • Buy the digital download as a gift for a friend.
  • Write environmental organizations and request that they address the true impacts of animal agriculture and that they provide real solutions to the problems.
  • Write articles, blogs, posts, tweets, podcasts, or letters to the editor of publications, about the incredible impact of animal agriculture on our planet.
  • If you believe in governmental change, you can write your representatives and demand that they address the environmental impacts of animal agriculture.

If you would like to make a donation to Animals United Movement, the 501(c)3 non-profit behind AUM Films, and help financially with the costs of promotion for Cowspiracy and the production of more films like it, please go the site here.