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Whether you want to help the environmentimprove your overall healthshed a few pounds, or demonstrate your compassion for animals, expert Colleen Patrick-Goudreau gives you the tools and resources you need to make the vegan transition. Addressing your every question and challenge, Patrick-Goudreau holds your hand the entire time, helping you to break free from old habits and to experience lasting benefits – both tangible and intangible.

What do you get when you join The 30-Day Vegan Challenge?

Each day during the 30 days, you receive a Daily Message full of motivation, inspiration and information that will empower you as you go through this transition. A bevy of resources are included throughout the 30 days, all of which may be printed or conveniently accessed online. 

Engaging Videos!
Through informative and engaging videos, Colleen helps you restock your kitchen, eat healthfully affordably, become a savvy shopper, read labels, prepare nutrient-rich meals without feeling overwhelmed, and empower you to realize there IS life after cheese. She offers practical strategies for eating out, traveling, hosting holiday gatherings, attending social events, and so much more!

Informative Audio Podcasts!
Colleen explains the most healthful sources of such nutrients as calcium, protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids and how to increase the absorption of these nutrients. She covers everything from packing lunches for the road, cooking for kids, understanding weight loss, living in a mixed household, and understanding that being vegan is about intention - not perfection.

About Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

A recognized expert and thought leader on the culinary, social, ethical, and practical aspects of living vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is an award-winning author of seven books, including the bestselling The Joy of Vegan Baking, The Vegan Table, Color Me Vegan, Vegan's Daily Companion, On Being Vegan, and The 30-Day Vegan Challenge.

She is an acclaimed speaker and beloved host of the inspiring podcast, “Food for Thought," which was voted Favorite Podcast by VegNews magazine readers. Her website is