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Why we charge for licenses:

We charge for screening licenses to cover our costs, and the money we make from the licenses, DVDs, and donations goes to the non-profit Animals United Movement and is put toward promotion for Cowspiracy and the making of our next documentaries.

Additionally, making Cowspiracy took a great deal of time and money, and we were the sole financial backers until postproduction. Our production team was incredibly small, meaning we worked 10 to 15 hour days for over a year to make this film. We are still a very small team, doing all we can to make sure Cowspiracy and its message reach the widest possible audience, and in order to keep our doors open we need to have funds coming in.

Why we don’t negotiate on our prices:

We are incredibly grateful for the huge amount of attention and interest Cowspiracy is generating, and we really appreciate all the caring and thoughtful people who are making this movement bigger and bigger with every passing day, but the flipside to this attention and interest is that our time and attention at this point is incredibly limited and we simply can’t afford to negotiate our prices.

We understand that people wishing to host a public screening of Cowspiracy come from a wide variety of financial circumstances, and for some the cost of a screening license may be prohibitive. We have done our best to price the licenses fairly, for both people wishing to host a screening and ourselves. We hope that those who are not in a position to buy a license themselves can perhaps team up with others in their community to bring a screening to their area.


Do you have materials I can use for promoting my screening?

Yes! We have a folder of promotional materials for screenings here: https://app.box.com/cowspiracy

How to:

Step 1: Buy a license to screen Cowspiracy

Step 2: Confirm your screening date with your chosen venue

Step 3: Promote your screening to your community and beyond!

Screening License
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The money from licensing fees helps us to recoup the expenses from producing the film as well as create more films like it. Due to budget restraints as a non-profit, we are unable to give licensing discounts at this time.

Please Note: Every Screening License Purchase includes a Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret DVD.

Organizers in the US can also host a screening in selected theaters at NO COST to you through our partner Tugg.com. Please click here for more information.

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