These Environmental Groups Need a Wake Up Call: Sound the Alarm

After Cowspiracy co-director, Kip Andersen watched the documentary An Inconvenient Truth about the catastrophic impacts of global warming, he started following the advice of all of the major environmental organizations – composting, recycling, switching lightbulbs, shorter showers, bicycling over driving, you know the drill.  But when he discovered that animal agriculture plays a larger role in environmental destruction than even the fossil fuel industry, he was shocked that the organizations that he had been supporting had not even mentioned it.

He tried contacting several major groups for months and in some cases years, in order to get more information and answers, but his inquiries fell on deaf ears. That’s when he decided to team up with co-director Keegan Kuhn, and demand answers – this time with a camera.

At the time when Kip was making calls trying to make sense of it all, he was a minority. But now, there are all of you. Thousands of you have been writing, emailing, commenting and calling these environmental groups and demanding answers. And you have been successful.

Just recently, Greenpeace added a page to their website entitled, “More Meat Threatens the Planet”, where they write,

More and more of our supporters are telling us they are really concerned about the impact the world's obsession with meat is having on the environment, climate change in particular.

We’re making headway, but we must keep going. It’s still nearly impossible to even find this page on the Greenpeace website.

They took a first step by acknowledging that this industry is a problem, but that’s not enough. They need to reach out to their broad base of supporters, and make animal agriculture and its devastating effects on the planet- one of their top three campaigns.

Greenpeace is not the only organization that is still relatively quiet on this issue. Sierra Club, Rain Forest Action Network,, Amazon Watch, Oceana, etc. still need to hear from you!

These environmental organizations are who citizens look to for answers on how they can help the planet, and by not even mentioning a dietary switch – they are robbing individuals of the opportunity to make a serious impact today.

Please keep the pressure on these groups to make animal agriculture one their top campaigns and together, let’s make change happen. Our planet depends on it.