Animal Place’s Food for Thought campaign, which works to promote veg policies for companion animal, wildlife, and environmental organizations, has two new programs to encourage vegan events!

Nonprofits that are holding an all-vegan event for the first time can get up to $1000 of their food costs reimbursed. And for catered galas, Food for Thought is encouraging orgs to add a vegan option that can be selected in advance at half price. Animal Place will pay the other half, up to $1000.

Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force (ASNTF), which helps reduce companion animal overpopulation in Canada’s First Nation communities, was the first recipient of an event grant. Their Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon for 60 people provided a colorful variety of vegan dishes that drew rave reviews from attendees.

Like ASNTF, animal shelters, SPCA's, humane societies, wildlife rescues, and environmental groups increasingly see it’s ethically inconsistent to serve some animals as food while protecting others. To date more than 350 orgs in North America have adopted animal- and earth-friendly menu policies. Along with helping volunteers and employees promote vegan policies within their orgs, Food for Thought partners with outside groups such as the Center for Biological Diversity to raise the issue of animal agriculture’s impact on the planet.

Note these grants are only available for orgs that do not already have an official policy of serving vegan meals at events like fundraisers and conferences. Those interested in applying for a grant can learn more here. Food for Thought also continues to offer Policy Grants for adopting a formal veg menu policy.