NYC Restaurateur Goes "All-In with Veganism" for the Environment

Successful business owner Ravi DeRossi who owns 15 restaurants in New York City recently decided that they will be going animal-free.

From Eater:

DeRossi feels strongly about the environmental impact of meat and restaurants, as well as the impact to animals, he says. Taking animal products out of his businesses is his way of helping. "If we're going to do something to help this planet, it needs to start," DeRossi tells Eater. "It needs to be me not just preaching, but me just doing it. I'm in the position to do it."

DeRossi isn't the first person to transition a restaurant to entirely vegan. In September, a Mexican restaurant in Texas cited Cowspiracy for their decision to take meat and dairy off their menu.

If you would like to learn more about why veganism is the best choice for the planet, check out Cowspiracy on Netflix.