Teenager Inspires Greenpeace to Start Talking

15-year-old Elisa Escalante of Mexico has been vegetarian since birth, and is active in environmental causes. 

Cowspiracy motivated her to transition to veganism but left her feeling discouraged at the lack of conversation from environmental groups surrounding animal agriculture and it's effects on the environment.

Like many of you, she reached out to Greenpeace [Mexico]  repeatedly to see if she could get answers. She expressed her concern for the lack of information that was being provided to it's supporters and refused to accept their form responses. Finally, to her surprise she received an honest answer from an employee. 

He stated that while many of their employees and volunteers are vegan, it's a hard issue to talk about given that many of their members would not appreciate such campaigns. He assured her they would try and educate more on the valid issue and the correspondence finally came to an end.

A few weeks later, Elisa received an email from the Greenpeace Mexico employee letting her know that they took her concerns to heart and are beginning to educate more on the topic through social media like the examples below and on their website 

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Posted by Greenpeace México on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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Posted by Greenpeace México on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

While this is just a small step, it shows what one passionate and persistent person can do to make change happen. 

In a letter to Cowspiracy co-director Kip Andersen she wrote, "I want you to know that you and Keegan [Kuhn] inspired me to do this, you have made a big change in the world, and I’m sure many people like me will also try to help the environment as much as they can. I feel proud of making this small change." 

The conversation around animal agriculture and then environment is growing. Mainstream media is beginning to cover the issue, and NGO's are starting to educate their supporters. We can't help but think this is because of individuals like just like Elissa who were given the information and took a stand - refusing to accept anything less than the truth.