Put Your Compassion Into Action by Patti Nyman


Put your compassion into action and join Animal Place’s Internship Program! Animal Place is one of the oldest and largest farmed animal sanctuaries in the country, and our residential internship program provides an amazing opportunity to live and work at our 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California. Interns learn all about the operations of a nonprofit sanctuary, the behavior of farmed animals in a non-production setting, and enjoy working alongside like-minded people.

We have two 4-12 week internship programs to choose from:

  • Animal Care (8-12 weeks, Grass Valley, CA): The animal care internship is a great opportunity to learn how to work with farmed animals in a sanctuary setting. This is a very physically demanding position, and involves working outdoors. The first few weeks are spent learning routine animal care, primarily cleaning and feeding, and over time, interns also work with staff caregivers to assist in daily medical care and proper animal handling. The animal care internship is great for the individual who wants hands-on experience with farmed animals! Apply here: animalplace.org/intern

  • Animal Advocacy (8-12 weeks, Grass Valley, CA): The animal advocacy internship is perfect for the individual with a drive to create meaningful change for all farmed animals through education. Advocacy interns work primarily with program staff in our education office and help with guided tours, adoptions, events, and developing social media and website content. Apply here: animalplace.org/intern

Brave the Cage (4 weeks, Traveling): Want to put your compassion into action and help chickens? Our Brave the Cage internship is a perfect opportunity to directly impact the lives of hens in the egg industry! By touring with Brave the Cage, you will develop professional experience in vegan outreach, social media, and event coordinating while enhancing your knowledge of farmed animal right issues. Apply here: http://www.bravethecage.org/intern-opportunities.html