New Grant for Environmental and Wildlife Groups with Vegan Menu Policies

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New Grant for Environmental and Wildlife Groups with Vegan Menu Policies

By Patti Nyman, Animal Place

Thanks in large part to Cowspiracy, we’ve learned of the devastating effects of animal agriculture on our planet. We’ve also learned of the reluctance of many nonprofits to be part of the solution. Now, thanks to the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, Animal Place’s Food for Thought program is offering grants to environmental and wildlife groups that adopt meat-free menu policies for sponsored events.

Through our recent petition to urge animal and environmental groups to take animals off the menu at events, we’ve shown that the public supports this change in food policy. With the help of other advocates, Food for Thought is putting pressure on nonprofits to do their part in recognizing plant-based eating as a viable strategy for reducing our environmental impact and toll on wildlife. The new Food for Thought grant provides an important incentive for groups to walk the talk.

Here’s what some of our grant recipients have to say:



“The first ‘Organizational Value’ of WildCare is that we have care and compassion for all living things. Adopting a veg policy is in perfect alignment with this value.”

- Vaughn Maurice, Executive Director, WildCare (California)



“The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance provides lifetime care for apes and monkeys, but we recognize the value of all animals. Encouraging the proper treatment of nonhuman primates goes hand-in-hand with respecting all species with whom we share this planet. Our organization is proud to host only vegetarian and vegan events, and we encourage all animal welfare organizations to do the same.”

- Erika Fleury, Program Director, North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance


“Animal Help Now fully endorses the Food for Thought initiative. It's easy for organizations to embrace animal-friendly policies, and more importantly it's the right thing to do.”

- David Crawford, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Animal Help Now (Colorado)

When farmed animals are on the menu at nonprofit functions, it sends a mixed message to members and donors, as the very species and ecosystems these organizations are trying to protect are harmed by the industries behind the food they serve. As leaders in their communities and movements, nonprofits are better positioned than anyone to lead their members toward more ethical and sustainable food choices.

Please take action by signing the petition and by joining the Food for Thought Advocate Network for more information on how to encourage your favorite nonprofit to create a menu policy consistent with their mission.


Patti Nyman is the campaign and volunteer program manager at Animal Place, one of the oldest and largest farmed animal sanctuaries in the U.S. For more information visit and